Welcome to the "Hôtel des Voyageurs" !

Welcome to the hikers, the contemplatives, the dreamers... Whatever your philosophy may be, we will provide you a customised and unforgettable hospitality. We can also organize birthdays, cultural events, mountain hikes, farm tours, traineeships.... Got another idea? Let us know!

About us :

The "Hôtel des voyageurs" was created in 2009. It carries a family legend and is strongly related to the story of the village of La Motte Chalancon. In 1900, Henri Brugière, my great grandfather, was an entrepreneur who produced its own natural oil from the olives and nuts and lavender. He also produced dry and green fruits, and black truffles. He was at the same time a courier, owned a pony express, a mail office and, of course, the "Hôtel Des Voyageurs". This massive building with a square shape was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. For the local residents, it has always been known as the "Medical House", since all the doctors used to practice medecine there from 1930 to 2007.


About La Motte Chalancon :

Located in the heart of a valley called "La Vallée De l'Oule", among the cities of Die and Nyons, the area presents the benefits of both the famous Provence and the montainous Vercors. It is quite like a smooth transition between the landscapes and 1 colours of the Barronnies and the wildness you can find in the Diois with its impressive peaks. The village is famous for its climate, its air quality, its sky pureness and exceptional enlightement. You can also count with a living local life with shops, services and implied people. You will find several kind of entertainment, especially during the summer. The tourism office will provide you a complete and quality service. For more information: www.lamottechalancon.com 

About the hotel :

It is ideally situated on one of the village squares, just next to the mail office, the tourism office, the taxi-garage, a restaurant and a café. The hotel has a terrace, a garden and a large room for breakfast and dinner on the ground floor, right next to the reception area. On the first and second floors are the eight bedrooms. Each of them has its own private bathroom and is designed for two people but can also host a family, considering its large sizing (15 to 18 m2, about 161 to 193 square feet). The decoration is simple. With the old parquet floor, the ancient fireplaces and the massive central stairs, the idea is to preserve the bourgeois appearance of this ancient house of notables. Some modern arrangements have been realized to create a more comfortable place and to welcome disabled people. A parking spot is especially dedicated to them in front of the hotel. As we care about the nature and environment, everything is made to preserve the jewel we live in. A special care is devoted to local development and ecology. Solar panels provide hot water, insulation on the walls and double glazing on the window prevent from energy wasting , dual-flush systems on the toilets and energy saving bulbs on the lamps guarantee a lower consumption. You will be served an eco-responsible breakfast with local products: organic juices from farms in the neighbourhood, bread from the bakery in the village) and homemade jellies. 

Rates 2019

Room for 1 : 49 euros

Room for 2 : 56 euros

Room for 3 : 76 euros


Child (11/16) : 13 euros


Child (2/10) : 6 euros


Breakfast (per person) : 7 euros


Tourist tax 2019 (per person, per night) : 0,75 euros


Dogs and cats allowed under conditions : 7 euros

  • You can park motorbikes and bicycles in the basement on the garden level.
  • Wifi available everywhere.
  • Lunch, dinner, picnic or halfboard on request (only during the low season).


Information/reservations :

+33 6 72 41 58 81



Open from March 9 2019 to January 5 2020

Find us

La Motte Chalancon is a village located in the French department of La Drôme, in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in the south east of France.

It is situated at 50 kilometers from Die (about 31 miles), 35 kilometers from Nyons (about 21 miles).

You will drive aproximately 1 hour 1/2 if you come from Montélimar, Valence and Gap.

GPS coordinates : 44° 29' 09'' North - 5° 22' 49'' East

Altitude : 547 meters (1794 feet)


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