The Hôtel des Voyageurs opened its doors on 1st May 2009.


It bears the legacy of the Brugière family and part of the village's history.


In 1900, Mister Henri Brugière was an entrepreneur producing olive oil, lavender oil, walnuts, dried and fresh fruits and black truffles.


He was also a courier, owned a coach house, transported mail from Serres (in the Hautes-Alpes) and ran the Hôtel des Voyageurs with his wife.


The Hotel is a large square house dating from the early 20th century.


For the locals, called the “Mottois”, it was the “Doctor's house”, as from 1930 to 2007 it was home to the village doctor(s).


La Motte Chalancon and the whole Oule valley, between Die and Nyons, offer the advantages of the Drôme provençale and the southern Vercors, like a gentle transition between the colorful landscapes of the Baronnies and the imposing, wild peaks of the Diois.


The village is famous for its nice weather, excellent air quality, clear skies and exceptional amount of sunshine. Its shops, services and inhabitants make it a lively place. Entertainment abounds, particularly during summer.



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